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Discover Portugal - Europe’s West Coast

Experience a Culture Rich in History

Portugal has a rich seafaring past that led the early discoveries of the seaways to India, Japan, China and Brazil.  Vasco da Gama and Pedro Alvares Cabral are just two of the famous captains who brought fame and spices to Europe.  The world famous epic verses of Lusiadas, by Luis Camões, pay tribute to Portugal’s golden age of discoveries.

History will greet you at every turn from the UNESCO World Heritage Sites to ancient Moorish castles and the palaces of kings and queens.  A visit to Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, will introduce you to one of Europe’s oldest cities where you will witness a vibrant yet relaxed atmosphere of modern life mixed with rich history.

Savour Life the Portuguese Way

The Portuguese know how to savour life and are incredibly proud of their heritage.  They show their humble nature with their passion for traditional folk festivals and Fado, the beautiful music that tells of past love and longing that will evoke deep feelings within your heart even if you do not understand the language.

Regional cuisine features the abundance of market wares such as freshly caught and simply prepared fish and seafood accompanied by locally grown fruit and vegetables.  Freshly baked bread and fresh cheese is a staple with every meal.  The famous Portuguese barbeque of churrasco is a fixture of many neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Explore a Unique Landscape

On the Portuguese mainland you will find first class beach resorts, quaint villages and a landscape that includes mountains, olive groves and world renowned vineyards.

The Portuguese islands of the Azores are a nature lover’s paradise.  They feature an abundance of nature for those that seek peace and tranquility in their vacations.  These islands are ideally suited for hiking and bicycling tours and the surrounding ocean offers deep sea fishing, whale watching and excellent sailing opportunities.

The Island of Madeira is a gardener’s paradise.  You will be greeted with deep floral scents and vivid colours that are found throughout the island.  The adventurous traveler can take in the many hiking opportunities through the mountains where the scenery will leave you breathless.  New Year’s is an exciting time to visit Madeira as cruise ships come into port to witness the magnificent fireworks and to take in the richness of culture, cuisine and landscape of the island.

Portugal is refreshingly affordable – it’s Europe’s best kept secret.

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