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Discover Spain - History Diversity Vibrancy

A Cornerstone in History

Long and sandy beaches in the south and rolling green hills to the north join a spectacular country filled with vibrancy, custom and history.

Spain is an incredibly diverse country with a long and rich history reflected in its prehistoric cave paintings, Moorish castles, Roman ruins, medieval villages and cathedrals from the Gothic and Renaissance periods.  . 

Separate kingdoms are the pieces of history that now form present day Spain.  Travelers to Spain can experience these unique and individual regions including Andalucía, Aragon, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla León, Catalonia, Galicia, Madrid, and Valencia.

A Perfect Mix

Experience modern day Spain in the vibrant nightclubs after walking through narrow and winding streets steeped in history.  Relax on the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean or take in a lively performance of flamenco dancing.  Join the local people in one of the many festivals or visit Majorca, an island playground of the rich and famous.

Spain offers many opportunities to enjoy nature within wildlife parks and nature reserves and to experience the countryside through hiking and bicycling tours.  The Pyrenees, especially around the Aragón area, are the best areas for trekking.  If you are looking for a snow-filled vacation, Andalucía has its Sierra Nevada mountain chain offering luxurious ski resorts to cater to your adventurous side.

Experience Culinary Delight

Spanish cooking is a reflection of the diverse history of this country and a unique cuisine is the result of the many cultural influences.  Dishes also vary considerably depending on geography and climate, however Spain may be best known for its tapas, a variety of appetizers that usually accompany drinks and can be combined to make full meals.  Garlic, onions, tomatoes and olive oil are staples of Spanish cooking and the simplicity of these ingredients lend themselves to accompanying fresh bread, cheeses and a selection of excellent Spanish wines.

With its many regions and diverse geography, climate and culture, Spain is a fascinating country that will leave you wanting to come back for more.

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