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Insight Vacations offers a vast range of tours in Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean, North America and the Indian subcontinent. See which exciting destinations entice you to make a trip in the coming year. We have also included some useful and important information on the countries you may wish to visit.

Is going it alone the best way to see Europe?

Travelling independently can be fun, but it is also hard work. You have to sort out your route, select and book your hotels, pick the sights you want to see, find out how to get there and check hundreds of timetables and opening hours. You also must cope with different languages, currencies, local driving laws and border formalities and carry your own bags. You will often spend more time organising your holiday and dealing with hassles than enjoying it!

Travel solo and you’ll never know what you missed. You’ll see each destination just as a tourist, knowing only what the guidebook tells you, and you’ll stand in line at every attraction. With Insight, your expert Tour Director and Local Guides will show you each place through the eyes of a local, and take you straight to the front with priority entrances and access.

There are also other factors to consider. While independent travel may seem cheap initially, the extra costs you'll incur along the way will inevitably make your vacation much more expensive. When you add hotels, tips, car rental and insurance, petrol, parking, rail tickets, taxis, all your meals and drinks, sightseeing, entertainment and entrances the overall cost will have escalated dramatically. When you take an Insight tour everything featured on your itinerary is included. To appreciate the true value of this, simply take the cost of a tour and divide by the number of days. Insight will often work out to be less per day than just one night’s comparable accommodation booked by yourself.

Furthermore, if anything goes wrong on an independent holiday you are literally on your own in a foreign land without real assistance. With Insight, you will be travelling with a Tour Director fully supported by a company on which you can depend and trust.




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