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River cruise lines offer contemporary travellers a more intimate experience aboard some of the most elegant vessels on water. 

River cruises encompass elegant public spaces that offer views from every corner, world famous art, luscious amenities, and decor that rivals those of high end hotels. They tend to reflect sophisticated charm. Essentially, river cruises epitomize luxury while optimizing their guests' comfort.

Smaller vessels allow them to navigate calm waters, and port at exclusive destinations. Often travellers who like a more intimate atmosphere enjoy the ambiance onboard river cruises. 

The experience onboard is elevated with superior service, especially because the number of guests is usually smaller, so travellers can expect attentive and personalized service.





All inclusive luxury hotel barges cruise the inland waterways of European countries, along canals, rivers, lakes, lagoons and lochs, giving you the opportunity to experience travel from a truly unique perspective.

Barging is ideal for people looking for either an individual cruise with other like-minded people, or for those choosing a whole barge charter for a family or group of friends.

Your intimate ‘floating hotel’ glides gently along while you relax and enjoy gourmet cuisine, fine wines and the company of fellow passengers. Experience guided tours to castles, chateaux, vineyards, markets and when you return to the hotel barge, you can be sure that dedicated, professional crew will be there to look after you once more.




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